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Doing what You Love and Loving what you Do

We are so blessed to be able to do the job we love! Being a DJ for a wedding, sweet 16, Mitzvah, or any event is not always easy. Every party is different and unique. What is exciting about being a DJ is reading the crowd, seeing the excitement as that certain song comes on, and seeing everyone have a great time! Music is what brings people together! You can’t help but smile on the dance floor. Whether its grandma getting down to “The Twist” or the bride and groom dancing the night away on the first night of being husband and wife. Here at Infinity Entertainment we take pride in our job. We don’t have a computer pick the songs and then make a crazy remix. I mean am I the only one that want’s to hear most of the song? What is with that anyway? Take 3 songs and making it 1? You know what that is? A computer! We come to your event knowing the kind of music you like, knowing how to read the crowd but most importantly doing it ourselves! Like I said, its not always easy – but man is it fun! There is nothing better than at the end of the night hearing the crowd singing along to the song that brings them back to college or even their high school days. I guess not everyone can say they are blessed with a passion for their job – lucky for me, I am one of them!
See You On The Dance Floor!

Infinity Entertainment

February 23rd, 2018

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